Technology & Function

  • AI Engine
    AI Engine

    Feedback Function
    The NSK iPiezo engine supplies the appropriate power to the tip depending on the condition of the tooth surface. iPiezo engine provides a stable frequency output without dropping the power, even when removing hard calculus.

    Auto Tuning Function
    The Auto Tuning Function provides a stable frequency to the tip at the selected power range. It allows the operator to feel the power output and ensures the optimum result.

  • Independent Unit and Chamber
    Independent Unit and Chamber

    The detachable chamber and handpiece make it possible to easily switch between supragingival and subgingival applications and make the unit extremely user and maintenance friendly.

  • User-friendly Handpiece and Nozzle
    User-friendly Handpiece and Nozzle

    The slim handpiece provides excellent accessibility and manoeuvrability inside the oral cavity. The long, compact nozzle provides easier access to molars, reducing discomfort to both clinicians and patients by eliminating unnecessary lip and cheek retraction while maintaining a wide operative field.

  • Clear Display
    Clear Display

    A clear function display enhances safety and efficiency by enabling clinicians to easily see which programme is in use: supragingival, subgingival or ultrasonic, and the 10 power levels and spray water volume.

  • Multi-Foot Control
    Multi-Foot Control

    NSK extensively researched foot movement and sensory feeling when developing the Multi-Foot Control to enable clinicians to operate the unit hands-free to facilitate uninterrupted procedures. Just using the foot. The user can switch ultrasonic or powder modes on or off and change power settings. Combined with a hanger, this offers complete hands-free operations.

Varios Combi Pro

Varios Combi Pro

Varios Combi Pro – 2022

  • Model:Varios Combi Pro Basic Set
  • Order Code:Y1002843


  • Power Supply
  • AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Frequency
  • 28-32 KHz
  • Dimensions
  • W 225 x D 290 x H 162 mm (Including Chamber)
  • Unit Weight
  • 2.7 kg (Irrigation Bottle and Chamber not Included)
  • Bottle Volume
  • 400 mL


  • PROPHY-Handpiece with 60° Nozzle
  • PROPHY-Hose
  • FLASH pearl (5 pcs. x 15 g Sachets)
  • Maintenance Kit
  • VA2LUX-Handpiece
  • VA2LUX-Hose
  • 3 Scaling Tips
  • Sterilization Case
  • Irrigation Bottle (400 mL)
  • Foot Control